Review: Max Gavins – Mic Ashley

Living in Newcastle, I hear or read insults towards Mike Ashley on a daily basis. When I seen promotion for a record from Max Gavins (formerly known as Suus) dedicated to and dressed as the controversial owner of Newcastle United FC, I was a little worried that it’d just to be a compilation of the general comments made on Ashley, and rushed out to capitalise on the final day of the season buzz. Thankfully, Mic Ashley is quite the opposite. 

Instead of a direct diss track, Max uses a plethora of back handed compliments by way of metaphor likening his actions to competitors being similar to that of Ashley and NUFC. A simple but effective video featuring the infamous Toon Army on a match day accompanies references to Ashley’s unpopularity, and lack of acknowledgment thereof for one of the best records to come from a Geordie emcee to date. 

Hip Hop was born as a voice for the voiceless, and whilst Newcastle’s supporters are anything but silent, it is good to see a rapper use their music to capture the feelings of the majority of the city – and beyond. I know of no one who likes Mike Ashley and so its no surprise that the video has already been shared amongst various ‘banter’ and ‘protest’ pages across the North East. It’s almost a shame that Newcastle never suffered relegation, because this track could have been even more topical than it already is, with fans hatred for the owner potenially reaching a new peak. 

Since the name change from his battling persona, Gavins is 2-0 with Man Of The Year & Mic Ashley so lets hope the 1994 project advertised at the close of the video follows suit. 

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