Video: The Great & The Magnificent – Animal

The Great & The Magnificent have returned. Following up their comeback teaser track, Kill Or Be Killed, the Newcastle duo are set to unleash their first official single since reuniting, with the boisterous Animal.
On top of boardwork coming from Steesh – The Great’s production pseudonym – the pair power through the track with a showcase of phenomenal punchlines (including a jaw-dropping nod to Steve Irwin), captivating chemistry and best of all, it all comes alongside yet another creative video which follows on from the hilarious Cuntry Tales skits the MCs have released prior.
Baron Von Alias (The Great) and MistaBreeze (The Magnificent) have both earned reputations for themselves as two of the best performers the North East has to offer, and with Animal added to their arsenal, you can only imagine what kind of show they’re going to provide when performing the new single.
Despite the first comeback single still unreleased as of yet, TG&TM have already been heralded as being at the forefront of the local scene – and with the launch of Animal, they’re expected to take it a few steps further and kick down the door for the North East rap circuit to earn the national attention the region deserves.
After supporting Californian Hip Hop veterans Ugly Duckling in Newcastle’s Think Tank at the backend of April, fans of the duo asked when they’d be treat to more new music, and here we are.
With, the website for the UK’s biggest urban award show, premiering the video and Spark FM, the resident, multi-award winning, student-run platform of the University of Sunderland, providing the radio premiere, Animal is off to a terrific start. Being heralded as a “massive track” from Spark’s Hip Hop presenter Young Sceptic alongside heaps of praise from NARC magazine, and played on BBC airwaves by Nick Roberts for the first time on Saturday (9 May), The Great & The Magnificent look to recapture the buzz they created last time around
You can find their social media pages:

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