Video: Hek-Tik Records – Chaotic Beginnings Intro (Ft. Caff, Trav & RG)

Whilst we’ve suffered an unexpected delay to the release of Hek-Tik Records‘ Chaotic Beginnings mixtape, three-quarters of the label’s rappers have released the video to the projects’ intro. On the Chaotic Beginnings Intro, Caff, Trav & RG (who’s promised a shout-out to yours truly on the tape) trade some tremendous bars showcasing the talent of North East Hip Hop’s finest label. 

Whilst Paull is absent on this release, his label-mates make up for that with a range of visceral horrorcore, conviction-crammed braggadocio and pathos packed, emotion evoking rhymes. Whilst I suspect Struggle is going to be the definitive stand-out from Chaotic Beginnings, this Intro sets a standard for the remaining records to live up to. 

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