Creepa: Closer To Peace (Single Review)

2015’s Hip Hop releases have gotten off to a very versatile start. A mixture of emotionally resonant songs, club-hop anthems, conscious raps and records that see rappers going bar-for-bar have spanned the past few days, and within the chaos of styles, UK emcee Creepa drops off one of the better offerings of the year so far. 

With a video courtesy of Link Up TV, the Birmingham rapper rips into a soulful instrumental provided by Shinaveli with a string of verses that offers an autobiographical articulation of Creepa’s personal life. What starts off as a pathos packed, poetic track, soon turns into a somewhat motivational musing as the Brummie bar-smith rattles of “I can’t wait til I make it” rhymes that many a man will have thought before. The contrasting stylistic and emotional approach taken on differentiating bars on “Closer To Peace” add to the greatness of the record, as it fits nicely together, rather than contradicting and corrupting the coherence. 

I’m a newcomer to the Creepa bandwagon, but I’m hyped up for the upcoming “The Start Off 2” after one song, and expecting a similar standard for any follow up releases. Check out the video below:


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