Hyperaptive Unveils Syko Beats Website, Hints At New Music (Article)


In the mid-2010’s, it’s not enough to be rapper, if you’re planning to succeed as an emcee. Everybody from Eminem to Wiley and Kanye West to the artist I manage, Acapella, has started to deviate from being solely a rhyme spitter, but working behind the production boards too. Underground UK Hip Hop’s Hyperaptive, who at one time looked destined for stardom has somewhat, “fell off” as of late, with new releases seemingly a myth nowadays, despite rumours of signing with Funk Volume a few years ago. 

Now, the biggest indicator in a switch of priorities comes as the emcee unveils his Syko Beats website, using the production pseudonym he uses to make distinctions between his two separate passions in the Hip Hop culture. The video announcing the website did offer a slight glimmer of hope, with Hyper noting that he will be making it clear which beats he posts on the SykoBeats Youtube channel, of which are for his own records – with any luck we might even get a new project from an artist who helped build my love for Hip Hop to what it is today, but I wish him luck for his venture into production at a more professional level, nonetheless. Check out his YouTube announcement below:

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