GoldLink: Bedtime Story – A Forgotten Gem Of 2014? (Single Review)

I have a love-hate relationship with one of my good twitter friends, @TheArabHova, when it comes to our musical opinions. I respect his thoughts and values when considering the quality of a record, but we’re often on opposing sides of Hip Hop debates and consequently following him on Soundcloud and regularly visiting his blog, Loud Lounge, comes with it’s highs and lows. The most recent successful Soundcloud repost from Suood happens to be a super-late pick, in my opinion, for production of the year, for 2014. 

With a summery, Mark Ronson-esque up tempo backdrop, GoldLink‘s “Bedtime Story” is sonically about six months too early (or late) on my radar. The Louie Lastic beat is brimming with brilliance balancing a Busta Rhymes sample with brass instrumentation makes for a gem of genre hybridity before GoldLink even comes to the track. 

Having been released, as apart of the “God Complex” mixtape back in May 2014, I’m unbelievably disappointed to have only come across this song and subsequent project now. The DMV based emcee is not a perfect spitter, but his imperfections add some character to the personality packed production. I’m not quite late enough to make this for my #ThrowbackThursday reviews, but perhaps a new series needs to be started for the forgotten / overlooked gems of the year that just passed, before delving into the best 2015 has to offer – “The God Complex” wouldn’t have made my top 14 list, regardless, but it would be a shoe in, if I were to double the amount of albums, mixtapes and EP’s I rated. 

Take a listen to “Bedtime Story” below:

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