Awkword: Headlines (Single Review)

Having discovered Awkword on a tribute to the late great legend, known as Praverb or P The Wyse, I have the utmost respect for the emcee. Anybody who shows the respect to a man that had such a great impact on my life, is good in my books. That said, being a good guy doesn’t necessarily mean being a good rapper, and since this is the first song I’ve heard from the artist on his own, I was happy to find a fundamental ability as a musician. 

The new release, “Headlines“, is a combination of the summary of the year trend and a personal ode to the man’s struggles with his life and critics he’s faced with music. It is for the most part lyrically potent, aside for the segment in which Awkword name drops Run The Jewels, Kanye West and David Banner, which comes across somewhat goofy, it is one of the better song writing showcases of 2015 so far. 

As far as the actual act of rapping is concerned, Awkword is capable, without being exceptional. There is a distinct potential marked out in “Headlines”, but as of yet, walks the line of average, without threat of being considered poor, but shouldn’t be too complacent with considering himself far from it either. 

There are all the markings of a marvellous emcee, hidden between a small misjudged sense of importance and a simplistic approach to spitting rhymes but “Headlines” is a more than enjoyable listen and Awkword is certainly a one to watch as gradually improves throughout 2015. 

His outspoken articulation of societal and cultural issues are very much respectable and excuse the otherwise ‘okay’-ness of the track and consequently is necessary for listening – but for technical rap purists, mostly great lyricism, may not be enough. 


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