Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Announce 2015 Album (Article)

After being almost unseen since their Grammy sweep for “The Heist“, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis look set to release the follow up to the controversially award winning album. The rapping half of the duo, took to Twitter an announced via a response to a fan that there will be an album in 2015 after he revealed that the pairing were locked in the studio, during an interview with Ebro and Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97.  

My expectations from the yet to be titled album are simply a continuation of the stylistic and thematic constructions that made “The Heist” such a great album, that I do believe deserved The Grammy nod. With the exposing of The Grammy’s apparent disinterest and lack of knowledge in the Hip Hop category they vote for, Macklemore could easily recreate a “Jimmy Iovine”-esque record berating the Grammy voters. 

As for all the success he’s achieved, there should be a handful of songs reminiscent of “Can’t Hold Us” and given the plethora of controversies over the past 12 month, the duo are more than capable of taking the energy, passion and impact of “Same Love” and attach it to a new topic. In all honesty, a ten-twenty song LP of tracks not dissimilar to the one release we did get from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, when they collaborated with Fences for “Arrows” last year. 


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