Hazardis Sounds: Save The Culture (Mixtape Audio)

The first notable mixtape released in 2015, came on New Years Day courtesy of Hazardis Soundz; the producer behind Reks‘ “Eyes Watching God” album. Releasing the tape exclusively with DJBooth.net, Hazardis’ missions statement is exactly what is says on the tin. “Save The Culture” preserves Hip Hop’s traditional essence, with a heavier focus on lyricism than beat, and yet the talent of the beatsmith shines through none-the-less. With features coming from Freddie Gibbs, Reks, N.O.R.E, Cormega, Raekwon, Styles P and a plethora of other living legends, it’s evident that it captures a time in Hip Hop culture and is reminiscent of the mind frame that built Hip Hop into what it has become today, but only time will tell if it can have the impact to restore the glory days of the genre, and live up to it’s brash title. 


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