Big Sean: Can His 2015 Album Be The Classic We’ve All Waited For? (Article)

Big Sean is without doubt, in my opinion the most underrated rapper of what I’m willing to call the “Control” generation, which is ironic considering its a song he released. Whilst Kendrick, Cole and co., are put on a pedestal, and perhaps rightfully so, the Detroit emcee’s capability is criminally overlooked. His ability to maintain mainstream appeal whilst unleashing quotable quips that would be the envy of the most lyrically potent song writers. 

His sophomore effort, “Hall Of Fame” failed to capitalise on the foundations for success set up by the preceding outputs. It had some very bright moments but they were drowned out by an abundance of songs that barely scraped average.  Since the 2013 album, Sean has gone on to steal the show on the “Detroit Vs. Everybody” posse cut, gained numerous nominations for track of the year for “I Don’t Fuck With You” and as a result, there is a renewed hope for the King of Ad-libs to finally realise his phenomenal potential, this time around. 

In the up and coming album, we should expect plenty of features from the G.O.O.D Music and Finally Famous collectives Big Sean is apart of, according to his recent Twitter activity:

Just imagine a collaboration between Yeezy and Earlly Mac, with the latter emcee channeling his “Inner Kanye” a la his hit single of that name. What are you expecting, or hoping, for from Big Sean 2015 LP?

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