Schama Noel & Hassan Bargathi: Leaders Of Hip Hop’s Next Generation (Article)

Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys, Dame and Jigga, Dre and Shady. Hip Hop has been the home to a number of duo’s consisting of world class emcee’s and their right hand men who, together have conquered the culture and cemented their legacies into it’s rich history. In mid-2012, I came across the leaders of the next generation of Hip Hop creatives, who’re already well on their way to following in the footsteps of those aforementioned legends, and for the 500th post of TheRootMusic, I wanted to pay homage to two of the most motivational people that I look up to, to keep pushing myself to achieve my goals.

Schama Noel and his manager, Hassan Bargathi, are both well on the brink of becoming greats in their own rights. Either of them could be written about in such high esteem off of their own individual merits, but together, as a double team, they’re looking unstoppable. 

At twenty years old, Schama has achieved so much. He first attained viral success from the immensely popular @RapLike twitter account in which he emulated his emcee peers’ rhyme schemes and lyrical style, attracting the attention of Lupe Fiasco, Joey Bada$$ and many more. He has since moved on to releasing his own original music, with the debut “God’s Playlist” mixtape garnering an enormous buzz and the follow up “Eternal Feels” EP, topping that with an improved flow. I’ve been honoured with listens of unreleased music, and as far as I can tell, the exponential growth of one of the most talented lyricists of recent memory isn’t stopping any time soon. 

On the other hand, there’s Bargathi. At only eighteen, Hassan is one of the creatives behind the OnlyHipHopFacts phenomenon that is taking the culture by storm at the minute. With the twitter account of the company going from strength to strength, they’re starting to run out of legends to follow them, and they’re now starting to outgrow the social media platform. With a website ‘coming soon’ and a commercial that has found its way on to some of the culture’s biggest representative blog sites – OnlyHipHopFacts, and Hassan Bargathi himself are quickly becoming the most exciting non-musical figures to watch, and they’re only just getting started. 

Nowadays you cannot scroll through Twitter without either of the twosome’s tweets being found, and they’re continuously paving the way for the internet generation as a result. Their roadblocking of social media is no mistake, every move they make seems meticulously planned – and what’s more, their fans eat up every word that Schama and Hassan feed them. If you’re looking for the next figure heads of Hip Hop, I’d bet everything I own that within the next decade, Schama Noel and Hassan Bargathi will proves themselves as the cream of the crop. 

Check out the OHHF Advertisement below, produced by Bargathi with music from Schama for just a sample of what the future looks like:


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