Chip ft. D Double E & Jammer: School Of Grime (Single Review)

When three of the biggest names residing at 140 Grime street collaborate for a comeback single to kick off the New Year, you have a right to be excited. All-star team up’s have been somewhat inconsistent as of late however, and consequently I was skeptical of the unified efforts of Chip, D Double E and Jammer for the highly anticipated “School Of Grime” record. 

Chip’s comeback is coming at a time in which the UK rap circuit is culminating towards its peak, snatching the attentions of our American cousins and certifying the British stamp into Hip Hop history. Jammer’s presence as a veteran in our sub-culture, has inspired and influenced a plethora of next gen emcee’s, and D Double E’s contributions in laying the foundations from the ground up are criminally overlooked. 

It’s fitting then, that “School Of Grime” is something of a presentation, showcasing three generations of talent, educating the new comers – of which, I’m not far off – to the British rap bandwagon. Chip’s new school style of flow, makes for a much better listen in terms of accessibility, whilst Jammer and D Double D each showcase a style of delivery that is what made the groundbreaking, revolutionary subsidiary of Hip Hop into what is it today. 

Lyrically, neither of the terrific trio quite encapsulate the best Britain has to offer, without quite falling into a category expected from non-American’s following the rise of Iggy Azalea. Time and time again, Chip has proven his songwriting credentials, since he burst onto the scene as a teenager, and now as he approaches his mid-20’s, the upcoming “Believe & Achieve” could finally be the classic album, we all know he has the capability to create. 


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