5 Artists I’d Like To See Skepta Collaborate With On Konnichiwa (Article)

BBK legend and UK Hip Hop figure head, Skepta, managed to have a successful 2014 off of the back of an £80 music video for the JME featured “That’s Not Me” hit. In 2015, the rapper looks to finally end the wait for a follow up to the fantastic “Blacklisted” mixtape and the date has been set for March 1st. Skepta announced the new album titled “Konnichiwa” after months of rumours, on New Years Day and what a gift to start 2015 off with. 

In celebration of Skepta’s announcement, I’ve compiled a list of collaborations I’d like to see on his forthcoming fourth studio album. 

5. A$AP Rocky

I’m not sure how this record would sound. They’re both great artists respectively, but their styles clash somewhat. Following the Red Bull Culture Clash, Skeppy teamed up with A$AP Mob’s Young Lord for “It Ain’t Safe” and that went down a treat, so who know’s what the BBK man could work up with the Harlem Hip Hop crew’s head honcho. With both emcee’s making comebacks in 2015, it’d be mutually beneficial too, so it’s not 

4. Drake

In 2014, Drake embraced his inner cockney – exclaiming his love for “Top Boy” and using the hit TV show’s slang in his social media posts. So, it’s not as unlikely as we might imagine for a UK collaboration with Hip Hop’s man of the moment. Who better than one of the UK’s brightest talents to go toe-to-toe with Drizzy, and just imagine a “Too Many Man” meets “Marvin’s Room” type track… It’s the stuff of legend. 

3. Lunar C

Before you disregard a Lunar C / Skepta collaboration, down to their different styles and regional differences, lets remember that the Tippa Gang emcee worked with Ghetts on Rascal’s “Class 90” EP, and in doing so proved that stylistic contradictions, can sometimes actually compliment one another. You could almost call it a passing of the torch, Stormzy might be taking all the current headlines, but Lunar deserves the plaudits too, especially after the extremely impressive “Not Good AT Life” EP, that was easily a top 5 project of 2014. 

2. Stormzy

Allow me to clarify, Stormzy’s success last year was more than deserved. The plethora of co-sign’s he’s earned since “Dreamer’s Disease” dropped and he stole the show at the BBC 1xtra Cypher, but on the breakthrough EP, there was one name that stood out and showed Stormzy support before it was cool to. Skepta helped give Stormzy the motivation and platform to become the MOBO’s Grime Artist Of The Year and wouldn’t it be great to see the pair collaborate for “Konnichiwa”, and start 2015 where 2014 left off.  

1. BBK

With the strength of the UK scene right now, it’d be only right for the best crew in Grime right now to come together, and show what it’s all about. The differing styles of Skepta, JME, Wiley, Jammer, Solo and co., could very well come together and create the best posse cut the UK has ever seen, and so desperately tried to put together last year. If the aforementioned Red Bull Culture Clash is anything to go by, the high octane energy from the stage, transferred into the booth could prove a monumental moment in UK music history. 

Who do you want to see Skepta collaborate with on “Konnichiwa”, comment below!

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