Rae Sremmurd:: My X (Single Review)

Rae Sremmurd were the most lovable breakthrough act of 2014. A duo that I’ve never heard a bad word said about since they’ve attained national attention. Ending 2014 on a high, the double act who’s name is a reversal of Drummer’s Ear, release “My X.” The pair were an unstoppable force with beat choices that contradict the connotations of their name, and hypnotic hooks throughout the summer, including “No Type” and “No Flex Zone.” 

Their latest attempt to cement their sound into club circuits around the globe, continues a trend that transcended the twosome in 2014. The bitter, fuck you, post-break up anthem was a permanent fixture throughout the year, from Big Sean’s “IDFWU” to Trev Rich’s “Better”, Hip Hop had us proclaiming our hatred for our exes from the roof tops, and we loved every second of it. So when two of the biggest trends of the year combine, it’s of little surprise that Rae Sremmurd’s “My X” is yet another banger to add to the extensive list already established on both sides. 

The generic verses are of a vein that people who say that “Hip Hop Is Dead” will hate, offering little substance and there’s not an over abundance of quotables either. When you’re half cut in the club, with yet another drink in your hand, looking for your next ex, how much do you care about the verses lyricism, so long as the combination of production, in this case courtesy of Young Chop, and chorus is as intoxicating as the alcohol? 

Club Hop is often slated as a let down to a culture born to make statements, but sometimes, it’s good to have a balance. When it comes to the part of the culture that is made for getting drunk and making mistakes, it’s songs like “My X” that are the cream of the crop. Rae Sremmurd have proven time and again, that they’ve found the winning formula, and in 2015, I expect that they’ll go from strength to strength and Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy might even drop one of the better albums of the year while they’re at it. 


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