Could Iggy Azalea Shock Hip Hop With Second Album Offering? (Article)

2014’s resident Hip Pop artist of the year, Iggy Azalea has caused more controversy in the last twelve months than many have done in decades. Yet, if her New Years Eve tweets are anything to go by, the trolls that continue to hate the Australian for her lack of credibility within the culture, are going to have to put with her throughout 2015 too. The poppy rap artist admitted to being “anxious” to “get going” on the follow up to “The New Classic”, and yet, I think there is a potential there, for her to denounce the doubters, and turn in a contender for the years best with her sophomore offering. 


Now, first things first I’m  the realest not Iggy’s biggest fan. I can enjoy “Fancy” for what is is, as a generic club hop song, that’s fun to hear whilst out in a club. However, I’m of the side that doesn’t quite understand how she can be such a big deal in Hip Hop, and even be nominated, ahead of YG, for Hip Hop album of the year at the Grammy’s. That said, I’m not sure how many people can deny there is a raw potential to be a great, technical rapper. She has an undoubted ability to double time, and once you get over the fact it’s not her natural accent, her vocal delivery is pretty top tier in terms of enunciation and the ability to understand her every word. (Note: The freestyle that is circulating the internet right now isn’t a fair indication of a proper studio recording…)

All she needs to work on is her reflection of the passion and influence of tradition Hip Hop that she so often insists that she grew up with. Hip Hop music is the voice for the voiceless, a mirror for the oppressed to vent their frustrations. No matter what side you’re on, it’s more arguable than not, that Iggy has been unable to coherently tell her side of the story without being bashed by Azealia Banks and co, and this upcoming LP, could be the perfect place to set the story straight. 

Take the Mustard-esque beat of “Fancy” and the similar soundscape if you wish, there has been proof from YG, Big Sean and Kanye West that the uptempo instrumentals can be utilised for more substance stacked songs in recent years. Hell, even have the odd club-hop records that are radio-ready grabs for the masses – Nicki has shown with “The Pinkprint” that it’s not always a complete disaster. You can even keep the Charlie XCX, Rita Ora, J-Lo and Airanna Grande collaborations if you want. One thing that has to change, if Iggy wants to be even remotely respectable in rap music, and build bridges with the Hip Hop community is the subject matter. 

No longer can we have braggadocios full length LP’s, after the year the Australian artist has had, she’s got more than enough hurt in her arsenal to articulate the bittersweet life of a pop princess with a groups of ‘haters’ as big as her fan base. Imagine, later this year, Iggy comes back, a grittier, tougher, pissed off version of her “Fancy” self, goes back and forth on wax with all the emcee’s, journalists and radio personalities that have attacked her. Imagine a 10 track barrage of bars, and I mean BARS, in which she tears the music industry a new one, exposing the inner workings of a world we’re only privy to from the outside. 

I’m almost certain that Iggy will come back, just the same, and be a distant memory within the next 48 months, but if she wants to achieve some longevity in her career, it’s time to go hard or go home. Nicki proves how easy it is to appease both sides of the Hip Pop spectrum, and it’s time for Iggy to find a similar balance. For a lot of people she’s too far gone, but if Iggy came back in late-2015 with a gritty LP that proved her worthiness in Hip Hop music, the last twelve months could be forgiven, in time. 


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