Startzy: Not That Deep Remix (Video)

Remixes of Stormzy‘s breakthrough single “Not That Deep” have become increasingly common in recent weeks, and apparently the latest offering, happens to be a classic case of leaving the best til last. Startzy spits some of the best bars the beat has played a backdrop to.

With a wonderful display of wordplay, matched with a marvelous delivery, Startzy brings a refreshing sound to “Not That Deep.” The one problem I have with it, is the shot taken at the greatest central midfielder of his generation, Jack Wilshere – but I’m sure it’ll go down a treat with those who share the belief of the bar-smith. 

With almost every line and at the very least, every bar, Startzy strings together the type of wordplay that most emcee’s only seem to have one of in sixteen. It fails to encapsulate the mood of Stormzy’s original, but stands head and shoulders above the remix equivalents that I’ve heard so far. 

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