Schama Noel: For The Fans (Review)


For the second exclusive preview from TheRootMusic for Schama Noel‘s as-of-yet unreleased music, I got to listen to “For The Fans.” The self-professed best twitter rapper ever, is known for quality lyricism and entendre’s are aplenty on this record. The last exclusive preview, indicated a new shift in style from the versatile Orlando native to Kanye West a la “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” but this song counteracts that suggestion. 

“For The Fans” exemplifies Schama’s inconsistent ability to capture a captivating chorus in his music. At times, he showcases a skill on the level of Nate Dogg, despite the obviously juxtaposing styles. Others, there is an over-attention to his verses. Thankfully, this is a time for the former and he declares his love for the fans in an excellently entertaining fashion. 

As for the verses, there is a shout out to “way to pay homage to Kanye” to suggest that the stylistic influence of the eccentric egotist is going to be more predominant in the overall album, if a little lacking in this particular cut. He quips a plethora of quotable cliche’s fans have said to him over the past two years of prominence, ending the track with “p.s follow me on twitter” as he exudes the skill to implement distinctly contemporary references within his music. 

“For The Fans” would have been forgiven for coming off sentimental, in a similar way Eminem’s “Hailies Song” did, but impressively the “Eternal Feels” emcee cultivates a sublime song that supersedes expectations, given the type of track it is. That said, I’m not willing to enter this into the ‘career best’ category. Everything is above average, but Schama has set a standard so much higher than that, and “For The Fans” doesn’t quite reach those heights. 

 You’re gonna have to wait for “For The Fans” and the other unreleased music coming from Schama Noel, but for now, you can listen to the “Eternal Feels” EP. 


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