Schama Noel: Channeling My Inner Kanye (Review)


Twitter sensation, Schama Noel has been releasing small snippets of soon-to-come music and I’ve been lucky enough to get an exclusive early listen of three unreleased tracks from the RapLike creator. Having released the Drake-esque “Eternal Feels” earlier this year, the self-proclaimed ‘G.O.A.T’ of Twitter rappers has been asking his fans what type of music they’d like to hear from him for the next project, and he’s responded with the tellingly titled “Channeling My Inner Kanye.”

It’s probably important to note that this is more in the vein of Yeezy’s 2010 magnum opus “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” than the more recent “Yeezus.” With a plethora of references to the ever-controversial egotist laden throughout the song, Schama pays homage to an artist widely regarded as the current generations most influential figure, without losing his own personal identity.  He may be paying tribute, but he’s not being a tribute act. 
The heavy production is perfectly alike MBDTF, and the exemplary wordplay wouldn’t be out-of-place on the classic Hip Hop LP either. The Wiz Khalifa-Amber Rose scheme is a personal favourite, but this a lyrical showcase that stands up to the very best of both emcee’s extensive collection of quotables, with a notable quip landing almost as consistently as the abrasive bass drum. 
Like I said, this isn’t Orlando’s brightest star turning his famous twitter account into a studio recording; it’s much more adaptation than it is emulation. Using the best bits of ‘Ye and stripping down the braggadocio and replacing it with a heightened lyrical on-pointedness. At the same time, the instrumentation influence of one of the best producers of, dare I say, all time certainly has an improved effect on Schama’s ability to turn a great selection of verses, into one of the best all-round songs of his career. 
If you were impressed by the growth from “God’s Playlist” to “Eternal Feels”, you’re going to be blown away by what the hotly tipped future legend has up his sleeve for his next trick. “Channeling My Inner Kanye” should be at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year. 
While you wait for the new, check out the last project, “Eternal Feels” below:

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