Trev Rich: New Forever Artwork

On Monday night, Trev Rich retweeted an unveiling of the artwork for his upcoming debut album, “New Forever“. 

Trev explains the concept and meaning behind the album artwork: 
Colossal. In reality the pillar is signifcantly bigger than the cup. It represents how sometimes our vices could be held over things of really great importance and the journey of overcoming it. Only reason we chose the closest thing to a Greek based pillar is the connection to Greek mythology. The Gods and Goddesses were perfect to humans but only regular among each other. Just like us [Rappers/Musicians/Celebrities]. To the fans I’m more than just a rapper or some shit but I try to solidify the fact I’m just like you. I’m not a God. I’m human.

An albums artwork is usually an indication of what is to come in the music within the project, so what can we expect from “New Forever”? 

1. Traditional Hip Hop
Within email’s Trev and I joked his explanation was like the anti-Yeezus, but its no joke that I believe we can 100% expect Trev to stick to traditional Hip Hop. If Trev decides to release this album laden with EDM and Dancehall producers behind the instrumentation then I’d envisage a disappointment. Trev does well on what he is doing, and there is no need for him to change that. Expect much of what we have heard before sonically, just with a different story embedded. 

2. Joe Budden Feature
When it was revealed in my interview with Trev on that Joe Budden would not feature on the “Heights 2” mixtape, a collective groan of disappointment emerged from disheartened MME fans. In order to ensure “New Forever” is as much of a hit as possible, I can’t see how Joe will not feature on the album. Perhaps a full MME roster collaboration? 

3. Denver/Colorado/Squizzy
Despite many of his new fans, being so because of the Joe co-sign, Trev hasn’t forgotten his team based in Denver, Colorado. Squizzy are an amazing group of musicians, and I expect at least L Keys or AP to feature on the new album. I’d love to see Jimmie Murphy make a return for one last collaboration with Trev, but not sure if we can expect it as much as we can hope. I’d love to hear a cypher-esque song similar to Tyler, The Creator’s “TrashWang” song from “Wolf” featuring a long list of Colorado artists. Pries, FL, June, LPeez, L Keys, AP and Trev all on one song together? Tell me that’s not appealing, especially when Trev has been tweeting about how Denver has to put Denver on…Adam Duncan is almost a certain to feature.

4. Unsigned, Underrated Producers 
If you’re expecting Pharrell, Timbaland or Dr Dre to produce anything for “New Forever” then you’ll be disappointed, to an extent. Trev has a history of aligning with unknown producers on his mixtapes, and I don’t see why he’d change that when the results have been so positive in the past. We may get some of Joe’s past producers such as 8bars or DarkKnight, and that’d be great too, but I don’t see Just Blaze or J.U.S.T.I.C.E League gaining any production credits on “New Forever”. 

5. Greatness
Trev has a history of delivering near-perfect mixtapes. Heights 1 and 2 both earned 4.99/5 reviews from this blog and an album demands even more, and I have no doubt Trev will deliver nothing short of greatness. Maybe even my first 5/5. 

What do you hope for from “New Forever”?

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