Marvell: Boom Bam Bing (Single Review)

Boom Bam BingWhen Marvell premièred “Boom Bam Bing” on DJ Cameo’s Radio 1xtra show on the 19th of June we were told to expect a ‘summer banger’, and those of us expecting another hit like “London 2 Atlanta” weren’t the least bit disappointed. Although I wonder how many expected a song so superbly captivating that I never grew tired of the opening thirty seconds despite the 1xtra DJ replaying it a ridiculous amount of times before allowing the track to play in full following the trio’s encouragement

The beat produced by Nana Rogues is typical Marvell. Bouncy and electronic, perfect for the British trio to showcase their fast flows and hard hitting punchlines enticing listeners’ ears into a trance. Double S delivers the catchy chorus and first verse to deliver the first shot of “Marvell-ingitis” with witty wordplay and of course showing off just why his fans second the notion of heralding him as the “Flow Farda”. Prior to the release of “Boom Bam Bing”, I had admitted on an article discussing whether Double should focus on solo efforts that Shocka was my favourite member of Marvell, on his verse he reinforced his position at the helm of the group with a series of superior rhymes, although his flow isn’t quite as polished as Double’s. Vertex surprised me as usually I find his verse consistently good but never quite as lyrical as Shocka or as well constructed and delivered as Double, just a nice mixture of both. On “Boom Bam Bing” however he delivers one of his better verses since the Marvell Monday series last summer and I eagerly await to see him “holding a lens” for the video to my favourite Marvell track since their “Yonkers” remix. 

Listen to “Boom Bam Bing” via SoundCloud:
The single will be available from September 16th, but for now you can enjoy their “GREATNESS” EP from for free or watch Vertex’s music videos via the Official YouTube. You can follow Marvell / Double S on Twitter and ‘Like’ the official Facebook page. Follow myself on Twitter and let me know what you think of the track, who think killed it or your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

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