Blog Post Submissions (14/06/13)

I have noticed since accepting submissions from artists to be posted on TheRootMusic that they do not get the same amount of views as my reviews and articles get. More often than not, the artists do not promote the post as much as I do myself and so, I have decided to rank all submissions I receive each week so all artists can share fans with one another, because combined they will get more views. 

1. T.Ant – Warriors Theme

Although the quality isn’t the greatest, it is still evident that T. Ant is a talented artist and once to watch in Hip Hop for the future. The fact he is creating videos at an early time in his career is a huge plus for him. His confident delivery and decent lyricism, although there is room for improvement, has lead me to eagerly await the download of his “Darkness: The Cleansing” mixtape.
2. Mikey Teezy – Reminiscing
The instrumental and sample are enough to gain a repost and like from me alone. Not the greatest track I’ve ever heard by any means, but with an ear for beats and great choice of sample for the topic of the song Mikey looks like a potential future star if he can develop his talent with lyrics and rapping into something stronger. 

3. Michael Kuwa – The Happy Children

I very much like this track. It could have easily been number 1, but there was just one thing holding it back. Kuwa’s flow just isn’t quite good enough to give justice to his rhyme scheme, lyricism and the upbeat message. If he can improve the flow and maybe reign in his strong accent, then I can definitely see Kuwa with a rank 1 track on TheRootMusic in the future. 

There were another four submissions this week which were either links to full length mixtapes, webpages or emailed individual songs which I will mention but can not rank because there was not an individual thing to rate. In no particular order (Click any of the below to link to the webpage/download):

24Seven & JDiggs Tha Prodigy – Still Cooking

Margel The Sophant – Born On A Monday

Just Josh Reverbnation Page


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