Adam Duncan: Don’t Wanna Go Home Vol. 1 (Review)

Adam Duncan: Same Wave (Single Review)Following a series of collaborations with Trev Rich, I finally got around to giving Adam Duncan‘s solo material a listen and following a review of “Same Wave” which you can find on, I went on to listen to the newly released “Don’t Wanna Go Home” Vol. 1 EP. Adam Duncan is yet another example of Colorado’s talent, and he is on the edge of blowing up onto the mainstream stage. 

The EP opens up with title track “Don’t Wanna Go Home“, a poppy ‘break up’ song produced by Jon Bonus which Duncan claims he “cant let” the addressee “go” after she tells him “she don’t love me no more”. The track see’s Adam Duncan show case his versatile vocals as he skips between sounding similar to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and former X Factor UK runner-up Olly Murs. It should be considered a crime that this track is not in steady rotation on all major radio stations around the world through its captivating chorus alone, never mind the pop-tacualar instrumental. An early contestant for my favourite summer song of 2013.

Following on Jon Bonus retains his position behind the production boards for a slower-tempo, yet equally enjoyable track two in the form of “Right Place Wrong Time“. This song maintains the “heartbreak” theme of the song as he explains “things didn’t work out like they were supposed to” but he wishes they could “go back in time, where the sparks first fly”. A beautifully written song over a intricate instrumental with a flawless vocal performance from Duncan himself. By the end of the summer, I can foresee a number of young, teenage girls quoting these lyrics on social networks in the same way they do Justin Beiber and One Direction. The difference being this is a more mature, probably more likely to be based on a true story and sang exceptionally well. 

Adam Levine-esque Adam Duncan returns to the vocal booth for the spectacular “Please Explain” which features Air Dubai’s Rhias. This song maintains the love theme built up by the preceding tracks of the EP as Duncan begs for an explanation from the woman breaking his heart. Rhias adds a nice contrasting contribution which reminds me of Andre 3000 with a slow tempo-flow coupled with intricate lyricism. The beat, produced by Duncan and Jon Bonus as a collaborative effort is yet again of the highest quality which allows the track to excel. I am a firm believer of great tracks can only be made from great production and throughout this tape, the production is great. 

Next To You” is the second collaborative production from Bonus and Duncan and yet again the beat is brilliant. It is not hard to compare this track with Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” due to the ballad-style and similar piano-based instrumental. When I first heard the instrumentals opening I instantaneously thought of P!NK’s “Just Give Me A Reason”, and that just goes to show how high the quality of the production is. In “Next To You”, Duncan proves that not only does he know how to make a radio-ready, sure-fire hit but that he has the vocal talent to pull off a ballad too. 

Track five, “Vertigo“, has Luis Salazar behind production boards in place of Jon Bonus, but the quality remains. The track opens with a more R&B sound to it, but breaks into typical Duncan style as he sings his heart out with a ballad vocal over a poppy beat. This song sang by Ne-Yo would be plastered over a plethora of major radio stations, Music video channels on TV and roadblocked on YouTube. Sang by Duncan it is an under-appreciated gem undeservedly not given a polishing by mainstream audience’s replay buttons. 

Last Night” featuring Katy Tiz and produced by Ryland Blackinton is a stand out in an outstanding EP. Although some may claim it is overly influenced by the type of tracks David Guetta expertises in, I think it is perfect to listen to in a beer garden this summer. Filled with an array of lyrics relatable for anyone who has ever mixed text messages and heavy alcohol consumption. If you’re a fan of Cobra Starship, then this is a must-listen song. In fact, if you’re a fan of fun-to-listen-to music this song is for you. 

Penultimate track of the “Don’t Wanna Go Home” EP features KYLE and is produced by Shawn Kang. This track see’s Duncan objectify women telling them to “Shut Up And Dance” and “treat your partner like a stripper pole” in SLV-esque fashion. Although the track isn’t awful, I believe it is a downfall for the album. The lyricism and theme of the song leads me to believe it is intended as a pop record, but neither the production nor Duncan’s vocals compliment the lyrical or thematical style. KYLE’s contribution is lost in the track as he takes too much time to focus on his self rather than stick the theme presented by Duncan. Each component of the track is as good as in any other track, but mixed together, unfortunately does not work. 

The EP closes with “Same Wave“, a track featuring Trev Rich and produced by Shawn Kang. You can find my full indepth single review at A number of covers of songs from Frank Ocean, Drake and Katy Perry follow the 8 original tracks from Adam Duncan. 

Overall, volume 1 of the “Don’t Wanna Go Home” EP is simply put, amazing. Not one track can be considered awful. “Shut Up And Dance” is the one downfall of an otherwise near-perfect track list, and even that will be enjoyable to some fans. I understand my usual audience for this blog will be Hip Hop heads but even those traditional Hip Hop fans will find it hard to skip any track of this EP they listen to. Great summer music that I hope gets the exposure it definitely deserves. Adam Duncan will without doubt be a major name in music in the near future. 


Stand Out Song(s) – “Last Night”

EP Rating – 4.75/5


Download “Don’t Wanna Go Home” Vol. 1 from Adam Duncan’s Facebook page. Follow @OfficialDuncan on Twitter for updates on releases from the man himself or @MrHawthorn for more links to blogs and my thoughts on all matters music. 


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