Skylar Grey – C’mon Let Me Ride (Review)

“I’m not like these sluts in this town, they make me *Blergh* in my mouth”

In my Media class in college last week, we had a debate as to whether ‘pop music is the lowest form of music.’ One of the arguments was that nowadays pop stars are just recycled, manufactured gimmicks from old pop stars. From Lady GaGa to Madonna, Bruno Mars to Michael Jackson or Adele to Arethra Franklin, it appears today’s pop scene is simply a watered down version of past generations. 
What happens though when a talent such as Skylar Grey comes around? The writer of Rihanna/Eminem collaborations “Love The Way You Lie” has been prominently noticed for singing the chorus’ of Hip-Hop tracks such as “I Need A Doctor”, “Our House”, “Coming Home” and “Words I Never Said.” Her vocals are just as amazing as her powerful lyrics and up until “C’mon Let Me Ride” I couldn’t compare her to any artist. 

It is important to note that “C’mon Let Me Ride” is a sarcastic parody of today’s pop artists and particularly Katy Perry. The lyrics are essentially an intelligent version of “SnM” by Rihanna playing on Bicycles as a phallic symbol. The lyric video to the song is particularly tongue-in-cheek and explicitly suggestive. Where as the official video focuses more upon attacking the ‘beauty myth’ and pop stars as Skylar even dresses up like Katy Perry while singing the lyrics “I’m only fucking with you, fuck you for thinking its true, I’m not like these sluts in this town, they make me Blergh in mouth.”
The very minute this segment came on my screen I couldn’t help but think of P!NK’s “Stupid Girls” video which takes shots at the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps even Eminem’s”We Made You.” (Eminem has a hilarious cover of the chorus of the Bicycle song by Queen in addition to an expectantly excellent verse)

So perhaps while Skylar Grey is parodying the current crop of pop stars, she isn’t much different. The difference however, is that Skylar is supremely talented and her vocal ability surpasses P!NK’s and their lyrical talents are about even. Maybe Skylar was influenced in this one song by P!NK but to say she has copied is far fetched as songs such as Building A Monster and Invisible show that she is a diverse artist, gifted in many forms of singing and songwriting.

I would very much like to hear this song while out in clubs or even on the radio but I very much doubt that will happen. Either way Skylar Grey and “C’mon Let Me Ride” are deserving of and have the potential to achieve mainstream and commercial success. 

2 thoughts on “Skylar Grey – C’mon Let Me Ride (Review)

  1. Pink's powerhouse vocals blows Skylar Grey's out of the water. And how does the fact that Skylar's parodying awful sounding pop music excuse the fact that her song sounds just as awful? Pink managed to parody without compromising her sound at all. Skylar on the other hand is a little more suspect in her intentions given that her previous images have flopped.


  2. When I first listened, I agreed that this sounded just as awful. But as Skylar says “Im only fucking with you, fuck you for thinking its true” she's taking parody to the nth degree with clear influence from Eminem. I guess its just a matter of opinion and taste.


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